XSell platform experiencing growth.

Position:TechNewz - Brief article

XSell[R] LLC, Jacksonville, Florida, announced that its core offering, the XSell Customer Service Marketing platform, is now assessing information from more than 4 million borrowers monthly through its application service provider-based (ASP-based) solution.

The XSell platform is a multichannel solution that enables financial institutions to identify retention and additional sales opportunities, and present them through customer-service touch points.

The XSell platform directs service agents by suggesting the right product offer to deliver to the customer at the right time during more than 300,000 monthly real-time customer-service interactions. These contacts are made through the call center, interactive voice response (IVR) and the Web.

In 2006 the response rate for traditional direct-marketing channels was 0.089 percent, according to Atlanta-based Benchmark Consulting International. XSell's Customer Service Marketing channel is more than 10 times more effective than traditional methods, based upon the...

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