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AuthorHewitt, Janet Reilley
PositionFOCUS - Editorial

Data is integral to this business of mortgage lending. So Mortgage Banking always tries to be open to data providers that approach us with new ideas for sharing unique slices of information.

This month we would like to take a moment to highlight four new relationships we have forged with providers of information that we think will help our readers better understand this complicated business.

But first, we want to give a nod to a unique group of industry innovators who have helped the industry in their own significant ways. They are the seven individuals honored in this issue as the 2015 class of Tech All-Stars. Each has brought something new and different to the industry via technology. You can read all about them in our feature article starting on page 42.

Much of what these talented people have done is to deliver new tools that blend data and technology in business-friendly formats to better inform business practices. That's no small feat--especially as the ground underneath these companies is always shifting.

Technology and information go hand-in-hand in helping to craft new solutions to benefit the mortgage industry. We are fully on board with that goal. Whether it's a new column that contains information about regulations and legislation or new data features, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to help identify trends or obstacles to building a better mousetrap.

The companies that are helping us do that include VirPack (see the Mortgage File Tracker), with its quarterly report showing how regulations...

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