United States Appraisals unveils new technology platform.


United States Appraisals, Overland Park, Kansas, a nationwide appraisal management company (AMC), has launched a new proprietary operating system. The new technology platform drives redundancies and non-value-added activities out of the business process; eliminates wasted time, inefficiency and cost; and positions United States Appraisals at the forefront of mortgage industry technology, according to the company.

"Our rapid growth exposed several weaknesses in our previous system," said Aaron Fowler, president of United States Appraisals. "This new proprietary platform provides a foundation for our continued expansion while enhancing service to our existing clients. We continually push for faster service and better quality. This technology allows us to deliver on both fronts."

The new operating system provides myriad enhancements for United States Appraisals' staff, clients and appraisers. Elimination of redundancies in processes will reduce the chance of errors while increasing speed and efficiency. Clients will notice a streamlined order-entry and delivery portal as well as enhanced online communication. The new platform will also allow United States Appraisals to easily add new products and integrate with loan origination systems as it continues to add new clients.

"Basically, we re-engineered the entire business process and provided tools to allow all parties to operate faster and more efficiently," added Dan Wieschhaus, the company's chief technology officer. "Among the improvements are enhanced proximity and quality qualifiers to speed and perfect appraiser assignment, the ability for appraisers to review and accept orders from their mobile phones and streamlined pipeline views to allow better management of the increasing number of...

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