Ty Jenkins.

Author:Jenkins, Ty
Position:Interview with Chief executive officer of DocuTech Corp - Interview


Ty Jenkins' first encounter with mortgage industry technology came in 1990. While going to college, he landed a part-time summer job with a subcontractor doing credit-quality and documentation audits in the mortgage space.

By 1991 he had founded his own company, with a mission of simplifying the loan document process while at the same time ensuring compliance.

Jenkins and his team were some of the first to introduce the concept of a dynamic documents platform. In 2002, DocuTech launched its flagship software, ConformX[R]. which transforms an Internet connection into a closing document office. The software's integration with leading loan origination system (LOS) providers incorporates all data from one system into the other, reducing data re-entry and producing compliant closing documents in record time. DocuTech's customers can draw, validate and send their own e-files to investors for review.

The Secured Automated Document Delivery capability of the software creates snapshots of every loan disclosure package as it's generated. And as disclosure regulations change, DocuTech's team continues to meet the demand of e-capable and accurate documents by supplementing ConformX with e-Signature capabilities to store, retrieve, deliver and receive signed documents.

How have things changed since he first encountered mortgage industry technology? "In those days, everyone was on a DOS-based or mainframe system that took months to make changes to. In this highly fluid regulatory environment today, it would be very difficult to survive on that type of technology," he says.

Has adoption of technology advances been slower than he expected? "Yes, 1 thought SMART Doc and eMortgage would be...

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