Technology's reign.

Position:FOCUS - Technology innovation helps mortgage banks to grow

This is an era where everything we do is supported by technology. The invisible hand of technology is everywhere--helping us transact, research, predict and comply. The mortgage business is the very epitome of a sector royally dependent on systems and solutions of all types. Technology, without question, keeps the mortgage business running.

So it's fitting that in this issue we salute a group of nine people who have built careers around designing solutions that are helping the mortgage industry prosper. This is our yearly issue where we celebrate Mortgage Banking's annual class of Tech All-Stars.

Since 2002, we have been recognizing individuals who had the vision to develop technology-based tools or solutions that help the industry work smarter. This year, we once again turn the spotlight on some very gifted people who deserve our thanks for what they've achieved. Read all about them in the article "2014 Tech All-Stars" that starts on page 36.

Technology today is woven throughout the intersection between consumers and mortgage lenders. Recently, Fannie Mae did some telling research that shows how deeply online shopping has penetrated the search for a home loan. Not surprisingly, lower-income borrowers have not adopted the practice as rapidly as upper-income consumers, but Fannie Mae found there is room for deeper penetration...

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