Supreme Lending launches smart-phone and tablet version of PPE.

Position:Tech Newz

Dallas-based Supreme Lending, a nationwide mortis gage banker with branches throughout the United States, has launched a mobile version of its proprietary product and pricing engine (PPE). The mobile version is designed specifically for use with smartphones and tablet computers, and is available only to Supreme Lending professionals.

Use of mobile applications for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices using Google Inc.'s Android[TM] platform or Apple Inc.'s iOS operating system has increased significantly over the past several years. With people becoming more accustomed to the immediacy of "app" technology and a 400 percent increase in telecommuting jobs over the past three years, according to, the demand for mobile technologies is growing. However, very few mobile technologies have been created for mortgage-specific tasks.

Supreme Lending's mobile product and pricing engine is not a downloaded app, but rather a version of the company's PPE that is designed specifically for the smaller processors used in smartphones and tablet computers.

With the mobile version of the company's PPE, originators can provide rate quotes from virtually any location. They are freed from the confines of an office and don't even need access to a laptop computer. Like its traditional counterpart, Supreme's mobile PPE links directly to the originator's loan origination system, enabling the automatic, seamless and secure transfer of information from the origination system to the product and pricing engine-even on a smartphone or tablet computer.

Until the release of this mobile version, Supreme Lending's product and pricing engine-like all other PPEs- was accessible only via a laptop or desktop computer system. The company's standard PPE requires users to input borrower and property...

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