Author:Hewitt, Janet Reilley

Mortgage Banking is new and improved in 2006. You will notice many things that look different (and more attractive), but as our readers know this magazine is about more than just good looks. Our content just got even better, too. Inside this issue we launch our debut edition of MB Tech. It is our brand-new, quarterly, special section on mortgage technology and it features some of the best and the brightest minds in the mortgage tech space. Take a look starting on page 83.


The credit for the magazine's new look goes to our gifted art director, Sarah Clarke Hollander. Our goal was to make our pages easier to read. In 2005 we started quietly beefing up our news coverage with the addition of a new correspondent, Charles Wisniowski. To showcase his coverage, starting in this issue, we changed the name of Business Alert to Briefing Book. And the new layout makes our news coverage much easier to consume. See what you think starting on page 8.

In terms of the editorial meat of this issue, our cover-report stories consider the outlook for the economy and the real estate finance business. Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Chief Economist Doug Duncan and MBA Director of Economic Forecasting Orawin Velz team up to provide the main outlook piece titled "A...

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