4Q National Fraud Report released.

Position:Business Alert - Brief Article

AFFINITY CORPORATION, WEST HILLS, California, has released its Fourth Quarter National Fraud Report, which identifies the latest trends in fraudulent activity throughout the United States.

Loan transactions are scored, based upon a detailed analysis of transactions submitted by lenders, insurers, investors and brokers, through Affinity's automated Electronic Loan Review (ELR). Affinity compiles the information for its National Fraud Activity Report quarterly. Presented as a four-colored map, the index illustrates the compiled scores, state-by-state, comparatively.

"Our vast network of fraud data allows us to identify specific trends in fraudulent activity, educating people to the extremity of the problem in order to heighten their awareness for a need to prevent fraud," said Kevin Coop, president of Affinity Corp. "For an unexpectedly large number of mortgage professionals, fraud loss is not a tangible...

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