Envoy Mortgage launches national builder division.

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On Oct. 9, Envoy Mortgage, Houston, announced the company has launched a national builder division platform to capture lending opportunities around what it calls the "resurgent home builder market segment."

The mortgage banking firm, which lends in 47 states, will offer targeted products and services to meet the needs of both builders and their homebuyers. The division will partner with both large and small builders and will focus on helping builders expand their footprint in new-construction communities nationally, the company said.

Suzanne Schakett was appointed senior vice president of the builder division. She said, "It is important that we offer a variety of products to aid builders and their buyers in making their dream of owning a new home a possibility. There are still niche products, such as the Energy Efficient Mortgage, that solve specific challenges buyers face, but many lenders out there just want to...

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