A LA Mode AI Ready--compliant.

Position:TechNewz - Appraisal Institute Ready, accreditation for forms software packages indiacating compliance with residential data storage and transmission standards of Appraisal Institute, Chicago - Brief Article

A LA MODE INC., OKLAHOMA CITY, HAS announced it is the only appraisal software vendor to have every Appraisal Institute Ready[TM]--compliant (AI Ready--compliant) form available for appraisers to use to do business with the AI Residential Database (AIRD) and AppraisalPort.

Appraisal Institute Ready is an accreditation given to forms software packages by the Appraisal Institute (AI), Chicago, indicating that those forms comply with AI's residential data storage and transmission standard. The interface used by AI Ready provides appraisal document software companies a common application programming...

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