LPS launches solution to provide appraisal evaluations through LPS' Loan Quality Gateway.


Lender Processing Services Inc. (LPS), Jacksonville, Florida, a provider of innovative technology, services data and analytics solutions to the mortgage and real estate industries, has launched Valuation Insight a new solution that provides appraisal evaluations through LPS' Loan Quality Gateway[R].

Valuation Insight features customizable business rules and combines LPS' extensive proprietary databases with external data sources to evaluate an appraisal; create efficiencies using workflow; reduce turn times and disputes; and identify potential repurchase issues. Valuation Insight aligns with new government standards by first validating the appraisal's completeness, accuracy, consistency and Uniform Appraisal Data (UAD) compliance, then it returns any flagged valuations to appraisers for remediation. After the appraisal is complete, Valuation Insight assesses the external data sources and industry guidelines to create an overall appraisal-quality score.

"This is a critical component of the investments LPS is making in its innovative loan-quality origination solutions," said Dan Scheuble...

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