LPS Applied Analytics introduces two new McDash modules.

Position:TechNewz - Lender Processing Services Inc.

Lender Processing Services Inc. (LPS), Jacksonville, Florida, has added two supplemental data modules to enhance McDash, its market-leading loan-level database. The new modules give mortgage professionals access to more data fields than ever to enhance decision-making, support due diligence, manage risk and make operational tasks more efficient.

The new modules--the Loss Mitigation Module and the Mortgage Scores Module--deliver specific information for specific purposes.

The McDash Mortgage Scores Module helps mortgage professionals assess industry trends and develop strategies around critical operational processes. The probability-of-default metric identifies high-risk loans, while the loss-severity metric helps to segment those loans with the highest potential of a loss, helping servicers more effectively manage risk.

Lenders and risk managers can quickly assess current market conditions by using the Mortgage Scores Module to supplement internally developed reports and analytics. The Mortgage Scores Module is integrated with LPS' Behavioral Library, a suite of software applications and models for a holistic view of mortgage performance, which helps to capture the impact of loan modifications, recidivism, extended foreclosure time frames, ZIP code-level home-price projections, presence of second liens...

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