The Loan Officer's Complete Guide to Marketing & Selling Mortgage Services.

Author:Evans, Bill

Anyone who has been part of the mortgage industry for more than five years will easily recognize the training philosophy of yesteryear: "Here's the desk here's the phone, now go to work." Although this method created many successful mortgage bankers, it may not have been the most expedient way to learn the "dos and don'ts" of the business.

David L. Hershman, in his book, The Loan Officer's Complete Guide to Marketing & Selling Mortgage Services, addresses the daily challenges of residential loan production with considerable success. The book is an excellent tool for loan officers and branch managers desiring to increase sales. It delivers quality information with ideas that can be easily implemented.

Hershman's experience as a loan officer, branch manager and regional vice president qualify him to address the marketing and selling of mortgage services. Hershman has not allowed the scope of the book to be limited by his own experience level, but instead, has the wisdom to call upon mortgage bankers and recognized mortgage training experts from throughout the country for much of the book's content.

If initial industry reaction to the book is any indication, it will become the bench mark against which future training efforts will be measured. D. Michael Ellis, senior vice president, Barclays American Mortgage, Charlotte, North Carolina, observed. "This is the best compilation of mortgage origination know-how that I have ever seen in one place. We purchased a copy for each branch and have made it required reading for all production personnel, including support staff. The reaction of our branch managers has been excellent. We also use the book as a resource for weekly training sessions and new loan originator orientation. As a reference tool, the book has no equal."

A key to the success of this book is the wide spectrum of people to whom it will appeal. Show this organized bundle of training tools to 10 mortgage loan originators, and all of them will likely say, "I wish I had had something like this earlier in my career." This reaction may create the impression that the book is written only for loan originators new to the profession. That is not the case. In fact, a degree of experience would heighten one's appreciation of Hershman's efforts. Often, those new to marketing and selling mortgage services often don't know what they don't know. Experienced loan personnnel, therefore, along with the novice...

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