Leadership without compromise.

Author:Cunningham, Casey
Position::The Right Stuff

Scarcity is often a key variable that adds significant value to any resource. When the resource of quality leadership exists, enormous value is present. By contrast, an absence of leadership brings--more often than not--mediocrity and failure.

Based on these widely recognized truths, it's imperative that mortgage industry managers understand and fully embrace one fundamental aspect of leadership--especially at this critical point in our industry's history. Truly great leaders have vision. They "see" and believe in achieving some future goal, regardless of unforeseen obstacles they may face along their journey. They articulate, document and persuade others to believe in their vision.

As important, true leaders expect great things from the people whom they have accepted the responsibility to lead. They operate with an understanding of the greatness that exists within each person, and continually encourage those they lead to seek their fullest potential.

With a respect for--and an earnest desire to serve--others, strong leaders want to coach, inspire, teach and help others set personal standards for performance. Historically, great leaders refuse to allow others to aimlessly drift about without clarity of purpose.

No magic leadership formula exists, yet at least one important common trait does. Through my interaction with tens of thousands of mortgage industry leaders and originators, I've witnessed one key behavior: Leaders plan.

Strong leaders are willing to commit their vision and goals to writing. Once shared with others, this one leadership discipline beneficially serves to expose leaders to the forces of individual, team and peer accountability. The act of planning consciously and subconsciously imbeds a "personal GPS" into the planner, guiding their priorities, judgments and actions towards the "true North" destination identified in their plan.

Leaders understand there is magic in putting one's vision into an actionable plan. Throughout history and across all industries, leaders accomplish greater things whenever clarity of purpose exists. Failure to accept this historical truth can greatly increase the chances of not reaching one's potential.

Strong leaders realize planning is essential to their success. They also understand they are failing those they have chosen to lead if they allow team members to drift along without clear vision and goals. Without compromise, leaders should care enough for each team member they serve to mandate...

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