Inside the mind of a top producer--Jennifer Sims.

Author:Cunningham, Casey

HAVE YOU EVER MET SOMEONE whose personality just compels you to want to get to know him or her more? That is the best way I can describe what happens when you talk with top producer and longtime friend Jennifer Sims, loan officer at Homestar Financial Corporation, headquartered in Gainesville, Georgia.

With her lively personality and endless work ethic, it is no wonder Sims has achieved success in maintaining an incredible average of more than 20 units per month.

Before she got into the mortgage industry, after college, Sims worked for a collections agency. And before that, she worked in her parents' mom-and-pop hardware store from the time she was 10 years old.

"I've just always had a strong work ethic, even from 10 years old," she says. This same work ethic shows in her production today. In 2015, Sims produced more than $38 million with 242 units and in 2014, more than $26 million with 208 units. She has obviously learned the key to success over the years.

So how does Sims achieve such incredible production?

Part of her success has to do with her ease in talking to people and making them feel welcome. She says creating and nurturing relationships with Realtors[R] is her most effective way to get business, with about 70 percent of her business coming from her Realtor partners.

When she is prospecting, she says communication is the most important aspect. Reaching out frequently to Realtors[R], especially listing agents, is how she secures most of her referral partners.


For example, about a year ago Sims called a listing agent on one of her loans, like she always does, and because the agent had been having trouble with his current loan officer, he started sending Sims all of his business. The listing agent instantly fell in love with Sims' "easy to talk to" demeanor. She now gets about three referrals a month from the Realtor, all because she executed on a business discipline she has been incorporating into her work for years.

By now, you should know that communication is the key word when it comes to every aspect of Sims' business. She says she makes it a discipline to always answer the phone and reply to any texts or emails she receives. If she is busy speaking with someone else, her assistant will answer the phone.

"I always want them to hear a live person. I want them to know it's me who's doing the business," she says. In fact, while I was interviewing Sims, she said her assistant had her cellphone to ensure any...

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