Inside the mind of a top producer--Richard List.

Author:Cunningham, Casey

FROM THE BEGINNING, Richard List, a senior loan officer with Cherry Creek Mortgage in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has known the secret to becoming a top producer. Throughout our conversation, I began to see a trend among the various tactics he employs to find new clients and nurture old ones. List's secret is exceptional customer service.

He stresses the importance of doing everything you can for a customer or referral source, because eventually it will come back around and help grow your business.

At the ripe old age of 21, List jumped into the mortgage industry. After attending school in upstate New York, he was offered the opportunity to become a loan officer and he has continued to exceed expectations ever since.

In both 2013 and 2014, List was named top producer at Cherry Creek Mortgage and was recognized as a top loan officer by 5280, a local, Denver-based magazine.

With loan production of more than $84 million with 315 units in 2014 and more than $90 million with 356 units in 2013, it is clear List is doing something right.

So what exactly is he doing? During our interview, List told me he does four things regularly to stay in the ranks of top producers. He says he practices consistency, studies the mortgage business, creates lasting relationships with business partners and treats clients with respect.

He stressed, "Treat each person like a person and not a transaction."

He understands the emotion behind taking out a mortgage and jokes that "once a year, everybody needs to get a mortgage to realize what a pain it is." He has made it his mission to make the process as smooth and pleasant as possible for his customers.

Although he gets business from Realtors[R], financial planners and from personal referrals, List credits builder business as his main source of referral business.

He is one of just a few preferred lenders for three builders. He says to get in this fortunate position, he uses a "top-down approach." He wants to be known and remembered by everyone, from the top executives to the front-desk person.

By making a good impression and creating a good relationship with everyone he comes in contact with, they are more likely to think of him when they need to source a loan.

He also makes it his priority to always answer the phone, call back within the hour if the call is missed and at least do all initial consults. Following his topnotch customer service ideals, he has two front-end employees and two processors who help him...

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