Inside the mind of a top producer--Keith Renno.

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PositionCOLUMNS: THE RIGHT STUFF - Interview

KEITH RENNO, SENIOR LOAN OFFICER at Wintrust Mortgage's headquarters in Valencia, California, in the Greater Los Angeles area, entered the mortgage industry when he was just 19 years old. He made the calculated choice to walk away from a college baseball scholarship to team up as a loan officer with his brother Jason, and he has never looked back.

Ten years later, The Renno Team proved to be an incredible partnership, closing $92 million in production in 2014 with 262 units. As of January 2015, Keith Renno and his brother were on track for 25 units with $9 million in production for the month.

Keith Renno has personally been awarded the designation of the Five Star Mortgage Professional, presented by Five Star Professional and Los Angeles magazine to mortgage professionals in the Los Angeles area who deliver outstanding service and client satisfaction each year since 2013. And in 2014, he was a winner of The Magazine of Santa Clarita's Forty Under 40 Awards honoring exemplary young professionals in the Santa Clarita area who excel in their community and/or professions.

I had the chance to speak with Renno, and he shared what he believes are the keys to his success and why he thinks every loan officer should be utilizing social media.

The majority of his business comes from Realtor[R] partners and their referrals. He said about 100 Realtors refer business to him at least once a year, and 35 to 40 Realtors refer business on a more regular basis.

These referrals make up about 95 percent of his business and the remaining 5 percent comes from certified public accountants (CPAs), financial planners, friends and family.

We spoke about how he keeps in regular contact with his referral sources, and Renno told me about how Facebook[TM] is a major part of how he does that.

Renno and his team have been using Facebook consistently in their business for more than five years, and he says, "If you're not involved in social media, you're really missing the boat."

Social media seem to be a resource that many professionals in the mortgage industry are not utilizing, so I was thrilled to learn more about why Renno finds it beneficial and how he uses it daily to connect with not only his business sources but clients as well.

Here are some of his tips for using Facebook in your business.

Friend request your referral sources and clients

When you connect with a new client or referral source, be sure to "friend" them on Facebook. If you are just starting out in the...

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