Inside the mind of a top producer--Heather Bomar.

Author:Cunningham, Casey

HEATHER BOMAR, MORTGAGE ADVISER AT CORNERSTONE HOME LENDING in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a woman I can relate to. She entered the business straight out of college. With 11 years of experience under her belt now, she had annual production of around $64 million last year and nearly $11 million so far this year (as of April 1, 2014).

She was recognized by Scotsman Guide as the No. 1 loan officer in Oklahoma, in both units and volume, from 2009 to 2013.

Bomar leads her team by example. She mixes extreme professionalism with the pursuit of excellence at all times. For those who don't know, my own personal motto is: "Through excellence, there are infinite possibilities." I think it is safe to say that Bomar and I would get along just fine.

In our recent conversation, she spoke about her team, her business sources and what she says are the three reasons she is a top producer.

In the earlier years of her career, Bomar credited her main sources of business to Realtors[R], builders and repeat business, but shared that she purposefully restructured her business in the last few years to focus primarily on builders and repeat business.

Bomar credits her builder business to the relationships she has made. "We have gotten all of our builder accounts from cross-sells, meaning we had a client who went out and found a house with a builder or maybe started with a Realtor who found them a builder home ... and basically you just ask for the next meeting at closing."

Bomar is a firm believer in calling your listing agent each time you close. She reinforces these business relationships with a follow-up call and by regularly getting together with agents. "I like to take them to breakfast or lunch--I like to break bread," she says.

When asked what makes her a top producer, Bomar said that first and foremost, you must have your business systems in place. "Having systems is huge," she says. "Define a system around a great process and make sure every loan will go through that same experience every time."

Some of the touch points in her system include personally calling a new business source at the beginning of a loan and introducing herself, her team and their process.

She also sends weekly updates to clients each Friday, which cuts down on incoming calls and maintains a strong personal connection with them.

Bomar sits down for a 20-minute, in-person meeting with 95 percent of her clients at the beginning of their loan application, and conducts the same meeting on...

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