Ingeo awarded patent for processing electronic documents with digital signatures.


INGEO SYSTEMS INC., LOGAN, UTAH, HAS been awarded a patent for processing electronic documents with embedded digital signatures by the U.S. Patent Office. Ingeo's patented process allows digitally signed electronic documents to be validated, processed and recorded efficiently and securely, according to the company.

"Ingeo's patented invention, Patent No. US 6,796,489 B2, relates to systems and methods for processing or recording electronic documents that contain embedded digital signatures, including the validation of those digital signatures," said Richard Andrus, Ingeo's vice president of product management. "Our patented process allows electronic documents that are digitally signed to be validated, processed and recorded using technology that can identify and process single or multiple digital signatures, which are contained within signature storage blocks."

When an electronic document is received for recordation, in addition to the standard digital signature validation that occurs, instrument-specific validation checks are performed on the document to ensure its format and data content are correct, according to Andrus. The electronic document is endorsed by the recording system, including the insertion of the proper endorsement data. Then the document is digitally signed by the recorder, a receipt is created and digitally signed, and the electronic document is imaged and indexed, including the automatic extraction of the extensible markup language...

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