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PositionLOOKING BACK: 1939-2016


In this final issue of Mortgage Banking, we pay tribute to the magazine's long history, fascinating subjects and creative staff. We also let our contributors and readers add their 2 cents' worth.

Mortgage Banking is curated by an editorial staff of the highest integrity, insight and talent. Their efforts have created one of mortgage banking's most reliable forums for trending news coverage, true thought leadership and pragmatic operational guidance. First American shares Mortgage Banking's core values of trust and integrity, and we have always prioritized opportunities to support its mission and contribute to its trusted marketplace of ideas. In short, ours has been a better industry because of Mortgage Banking magazine. We look forward to what the future holds, knowing the bar is set high.

Kevin Wall

First American Mortgage Solutions

My favorite part [of Mortgage Banking magazine] was the overall role it played when I first got into the business. I was completely clueless about how the whole industry worked, so I decided I'd I read each issue of Mortgage Banking--every article, cover to cover--for one year. And it worked. After reading it religiously for a full year, I could at least not embarrass myself when talking to other people in the industry. I had actually learned a huge amount about mortgage banking.

Joe Garrett

Garrett, McAuley & Co.

I'm going to miss one of the few industry publications that I could count on for a serious discussion among leaders of our business. As we move toward a Buzzfeed-type digital list and tabloid-style industry media, Mortgage Banking will be sorely missed and fondly remembered.

Daniel Jacobs

MiMutual Mortgage

Goodbye to an old friend. For as long as I have been in the mortgage business, Mortgage Banking has been the standard-bearer for in-depth reporting on the people, issues and trends in our ever-changing industry. This high level of quality reflects directly on the superb job editor Janet Hewitt brought to every issue of the magazine. While it is hard to say goodbye, we tip our hat to a dear colleague who raised the level of dialogue in our industry. Thank you!

Susan Graham


I've read Mortgage Banking (MB) since 1989. MB always featured thought leaders writing about the important issues facing the industry at that time. Well researched and in-depth material was the norm. I often shared MB with my employees as a way to quickly get the pulse of the industry. I'll miss the monthly issues.

Jim Deitch, CMB

Teraverde Management Advisors

I have been reading Mortgage Banking magazine since I started in the industry in 1973, and have hundreds of issues saved and prominently displayed in my office. The...

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