FNIS launches data source for lending decisions.

Position:Tech Newz - Fidedelity National Information Solutions Inc. - Brief Article

Fidedelity National Information Solutions Inc. (FNIS), Santa Barbara, California, has launched QuadMerge[TM] Value, a one-stop data source facilitating instantaneous lending decisions. QuadMerge Value combines consumer credit and property public record data with an automated property value within one report. Available online in real-time via the Web, QuadMerge Value enhances lender efficiency and reduces mortgage origination-related expenses by providing a single integrated solution for borrower qualification, according to FNIS.

QuadMerge Value also provides a fast, low-cost solution for post-origination, risk-management and quality-control use. QuadMerge Value bundles FNIS' proprietary QuadMerge Report, offering combined data from the nation's three consumer credit repositories -- TransUnion, Experian and Equifax -- with public record information derived from FNIS' proprietary property database, the 4th Repository[TM]. The 4th Repository provides instantaneous subject property ownership records, a legal description to ensure the accuracy of loan application data and title...

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