Florida and Pacific Northwest top hot-markets list.

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Irvine, California-based Ten-X, an online real estate marketplace, released a report on its Top Single-Family Housing Markets Report for Winter 2015, and the list was dominated by Florida and the Pacific Northwest. The top five markets on the list of 50 largest U.S. housing markets were Seattle; Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, Florida; Portland, Oregon; and Las Vegas.

Las Vegas was the only new entrant to the top-five markets list, the company reported.

Rick Sharga, Ten-X chief marketing officer, said, "The fact that Las Vegas--ground zero during the foreclosure crisis--has climbed back to become one of the five hottest markets in the country tells you just how far we've come in terms of a housing recovery."

He added, "Destination cities like Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando are benefiting from low oil prices, which increase leisure and hospitality business, and in turn boosts employment and home prices. We expect the housing recovery to see some choppiness, but generally continue building on its current momentum."


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