Experian launches fraud-management platform.

Position:Launch of Precise ID(sm

Costa Mesa, California-based Experian has launched its comprehensive fraud-management platform, Precise ID[sm].

Precise ID combines a wide range of fraud-fighting and identity-authentication tools that use a breadth of data sources to provide an accurate picture of each applicant, and analytics that produce actionable fraud scores for application fraud and identity screening.

Precise ID's analytics classify and score potential fraud and recommend the most effective and efficient treatment, according to Marc Kirshbaum, president of Experian's fraud solutions.

"With fraud attacks constantly changing, Precise ID provides financial institutions the power to adapt their systems quickly, minimize fraud losses and not slow down transactions initiated by the good customers with whom our clients want to do business," said Kirshbaum.

Precise ID's depth and breadth of data sources provide a more accurate...

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