Eric Lyon.

Author:Lyon, Eric
Position::Interview with vice president of Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp - Interview


When your boss singles you out from the 1,200 people who report to him as an unsung hero, it means something. It means even more when your boss is Freddie Mac's chief information officer for information technology (Robert Lux).

When we first put out the word that we were looking for Tech All-Star nominations, Lux responded the same day. Actually, within hours of our announcing our search to the Mortgage Bankers Association's (MBA's) Residential Technology Forum (ResTech), we heard back from Lux.

The email said, "Eric is responsible for our Single Family Sourcing and Securitization business, which is a huge part of the company. I have been at Freddie Mac for three years, and each of those years Eric has been responsible for a major delivery that not only benefits Freddie Mac but also benefits our industry."

Lux ran down a list of some pretty major projects that Freddie Mac has been part of while in conservatorship. Because GSE reform is still creating lots of uncertainty around Freddie Mac's future as a company, these technology projects are all the more delicate and crucial because they must position the company for lots of different contingencies where technology is concerned. The breadth of Lyon's contributions speak for themselves.

Eric Lyon worked with Fannie Mae to deliver the Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) and the Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP^). He was the information technology point person on delivering the Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset (ULDD) for Freddie Mac. He totally re-engineered Freddie's loan delivery system to support the ULDD. Lux notes that "rather than retrofitting our systems to translate ULDD back to our proprietary format. Eric rewrote our systems to consume the new dataset and also implemented a best-in-class rules system to allow for flexibility and agility to change."

Lyon "remediated" all of Freddie's critical Single Family systems to ensure they are running on vendor-supported technology. Lux says that way, "regardless of what happens to Freddie Mac, our critical technology will still be in a good state so it can be utilized by the industry."

Lyon also built the new Loan Quality Advisor", which is designed to give those selling loans to Freddie certainty that they won't be subject to buybacks. And he is Freddie's technology lead on the common securitization platform, which is a project being spearheaded by the Federal Housing Finance...

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