Credit tightness index.

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CREDIT TIGHTNESS INDEX (May 2013-May 2015) MBA/AllRegs[R] Mortgage Credit Availability Index (May 2013-May 2015) (Non-seanonally adjusted, 3/31/12 = 100) May-31-2013 108.9 Nov-30-2013 110.2 May-31-2014 115.1 Nov-30-2014 114.6 Nov-30-2015 122.6 NOTE: The MCAI increased 0.5 percent to 122.6 in May. A decline in the MCAI indicates that lending standards are tightening, while increases are indicative of a loosening of credit Of the four component indexes, the Conventional MCAI and Conforming MCAI saw the greatest easing (both up 1.2 percent over the month), followed by the Government MCAI (up 0.1 percent). The Jumbo MCAI decreased over the month (down 0.1 percent). "Credit availability eased...

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