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Steve Bergsman

Steve was born in the Big Apple but raised in Levittown, New York. He wrote a book about it: Growing Up Levittown: In a Time of Conformity, Controversy and Cultural Crisis. Home now is in Mesa, Arizona, where during winter he rides his bike 150 miles a week. Also a travel writer, his passport's been to 135 countries. After four books on real estate investing, he tackled a new genre--he is the author of The Death of Johnny Ace; his second novel, The Seduction of Mary Wells, was published in June 2015; and his third novel, The Friends of Billy Preston, will be published in 2017.


Joe Dombrowski

Joe is responsible for the strategic direction of the servicing software products from Fiserv. This includes the loan servicing system, LoanServ. Prior to this role, he assisted Fiserv clients by providing managerial consulting for loan servicing opportunities. With more than 25 years of experience, Joe has a comprehensive background in the industry both in servicing and in technology. He is a member of several national lending advocacy groups, and has written and spoken extensively on servicing topics. Joe has been with Fiserv since 1991. He graduated from St. Joseph Seminary College, Los Altos, California, with a degree in philosophy.


Robert Stowe England

Born in York, South Carolina, Robert graduated from Duke University with a degree in English. His reporting career began with The Hartford Times in Connecticut. He moved into financial journalism as editor of the Delaware Valley Business Magazine, Philadelphia, and then wrote for Insight in Washington, D.C. While working for the Global Aging Initiative at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, he wrote four books on the impact of aging populations on government spending, the economy and financial markets, including Aging China. A frequent contributor to Mortgage Banking since 1988, he also writes for Institutional Investor. Praeger published his 2008 book, Black Box Casino: How Wall Street's Risky Shadow Banking Crashed Global Finance.


Harry Gardner

Harry began his professional life as an electrical engineer designing military radar systems and high-end audio equipment, but through a series of strange twists and turns, somehow ended up in mortgage technology. Since 2001 he has helped lead the industry's efforts to develop e-mortgage standards and guidelines, and tirelessly promoted...

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