1st Metropolitan Mortgage improves IT capabilities.

Position:Information technology

Charlotte, North Carolina-based 1st Metropolitan Mortgage, a division of Empire Equity Group, announced it has expanded its IT proficiency through its Empire Data Access Center (EDAC) and interactive marketing initiatives.

EDAC integrates the corporate office to its network of MetroBranches, forming an enterprisewide infrastructure that offers a higher level of service. The branches also now have access to an online library of various promotional materials through 1st Metropolitan's MetroNet, according to Daniel Jacobs, chief executive officer of 1st Metropolitan.

"1st Metropolitan is dedicated to offering our MetroBranches the competitive edge to doing more business more easily, using the latest technology available in the mortgage industry," said Jacobs. "As our company continues to expand, our technology has the ability to accommodate that growth. We will continue to be dedicated to the needs of our branches and fortify our technological commitments to them."

1st Metropolitan's IT staff built EDAC so processes and procedures could be automated and completed much faster than before--often with far fewer steps, potentially increasing accuracy as well as efficiency, explained Ron Steele, 1st Metropolitan's chief information officer.

"The primary purpose of IT at...

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